Choosing the Best Power Bank for Outdoor Journeys

Spending some time out in the nature highly recommended for everyone. You can go hiking or camping, set up a picnic, or even try fishing. What all these activities have in common is the lack of electricity nearby, hence, your phone might run out of battery pretty soon, and for many people it’s an essential everyday gadget. The obvious solution to avoid this problem is to get a power bank.

Nowadays, we’re lucky to have many types of power banks: wired or wireless, large capacity or mini, traditional or solar panel chargers. To decide which one will be the best for you, take note of these three points.

For an occasional short trip

There’s no need to get a large capacity or solar power banks for a short trip. First of all, they will take more space, and second – you will waste your money on functions you don’t need. We recommend getting a mini power bank of 3350 mAh for these trips; they’re lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

For longer or frequent trips

If you’re going on frequent trips, you might forget or might not have time to charge your power bank; the same goes for longer trips. Here, it’s better to take a large capacity power bank, of 20000 mAh or even 30000 mAh.

For multiple gadgets or long journeys

Finally, let’s discuss the most efficient solution. When you’re out in the nature for too long, even the largest capacity power bank might run out of power. It may happen even sooner if you need to charge several devices. The best choice for these cases is to get a portable solar panel charger. With it, you can generate power on any day and not worry about ever running out of battery.

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